Melting Pot I Love You!

Ladies night bonanza at The Melting Pot is totally worth $22.  I would have paid that much for the chocolate plate alone.  The restaurant is gorgeous and very low-key.  I even forgot that I had to sit in an overgrown high chair instead of a booth.

First the waitress came over and asked if my date and I wanted wine, of course we did!  While we were waffling over wine versus some exotic fruit mojito, the waitress drew our attention elsewhere. She pointed to an enormous jar on the bar where some kind of fruit was floating.   I thought it was just a strange decoration like when poeple have those peppers in a jar that just sit around?

“It’s fermenting bananas.” The waitress told us. “We use the extract in our martini.”

Oh my, I think my blood sugar went up a few points just looking at that jar.  We did receive a tiny taste of the extract from our waitress just so we could try it.  It was very sweet and I didn’t think my stomach could deal with all that richness.  

On to the food! They melted some butter kase (german word for cheese), with some parmesan cheese, spinach, artichoke hearts and garlic and put it in a huge put on our table. We got to dip various rosemary scented breads in it, apple chunks and veggies! And she brought us extra dipping veggies when we asked at no charge.  Let me just say there wasn’t a single smell of cheese left in that bowl.  There was not a hint that cheese had ever been in the bowl by the time we were done.

Of course we chose the spinach artichoke cheese dip (there were several different ones).  And I got a bluecheese salad with walnuts and red wine vinagerette.  It was wonderful.   I can’t remember what my date had but it looked equally fabulous.

For the chocolate we chose “Flaming Turtle!” There were some white chocolate options and a “smore” as well but nothing caught our attention like the turtle. It was melted milk chocolate with caramel and chopped pecans folded in! 

 It was so funny because our waitress had such a hard time getting the fire to light! ha.  Anyways, so flaming chocolate, caramel, nutty goodness with a glorious plate of treats to dip it in!  I’m getting excited all over again at just the memory of having eaten this. 

I could have just turned the bowl up and drank from it, but that wouldn’t be very ladylike…  There were brownies, marshmellos tiny rice crispy treats, cheesecake, poundcake, fresh strawberries and bananas to dip.  There was a chocolate explosion in my mouth, the likes of which I have never had.  It is absurd for me to try and think of enough ways to describe this deliciousness. 

I loved the entire experience from the atmosphere, to the friendly accomidating waitress, the bananas in a jar that I couldn’t bring myself to drink but still appreciated that they existed, and of course the food!

The goody plate had tiny brownies, marshmellows, strawberries, bananas, cheesecake, pound cake and rice crispy treats to dip in the melty chocolate.  I swear I can’t think of any dessert that got me that excited.


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