Pegasus Disco Glitter Unicorn


I am very excited today to announce that my trivia team has made a monumental achievement!  We are no longer middle of the road but have placed in the rankings of Hangfire trivia.  Last night all the planets were in alignment and my team which consists of Jen and myself, placed third. Wednesday, 1/27/10 will go down in the annuls of history as the beginning of our slow climb to ultimate victory.  The fifty dollar bar tab will be mine!  I mean ours..

It may not seem like much to the average person but placing third when you are accustomed to placing next to last is a big achievement.  I credit this to the fact that there were no questions regarding FRIENDS last night.  I hate that show. I anxiously await a question about TRUEBLOOD.  There were some really easy questions last night.  For instance, besides her marriage to Keith Urban do you know of anyone else Nicole Kiedman has been married to besides Tom Cruise? 

Now that team morale is at an all time high I have my sights set on 2nd place for next week.  Between now and then I will be googling random trivia websites, and watching as much Jeopardy as possible.  Go Team!