St. Patrick’s Day

This is the only picture with any green in it that I had.

I remember being in elementary school and purposefully not wearing green so a cute boy would hopefully pinch me. What I weirdo I was! Now that I am older I have out grown the festivities and it has been regulated by the city to the point of not being fun anymore. Do you really need to put people in handcuffs for pulling up their shirts? Who cares? One of the last times I ventured to Riverstreet with friends, I ended up having to go to court and pay a huge fine for “public nudity,” or “indecent exposure,” one of the two.

It’s just more trouble than it is worth. At any rate the flooding of the streets with obnoxious college students is only  slightly less annoying to me than the fact that all bars close at midnight! I have no idea who thought up this stupid rule. Many bars make their budget for the year during this weekend and I can’t understand why the city would want to shut businesses down three hours early and lose out on that extra revenue. But what do I know? I’m just mad that I have to leave the bar early.

The only celebrating I intend to do is bake some cupcakes with shamrock sprinkles for an office party tomorrow and maybe wear some green tights to work underneath a little skirt. I tried to find something cool in the way of decorations for my party but it was hard to look at things when the employee was following me around trying to make me buy green dildos, and glittery shamrock riding crops. Did I forget to mention I was shopping at The Comedy Store? Maybe not the best idea.


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