Researching Like a Demon

Or researching about demons rather… While working on my novella I was thinking of ways to spice up my story of unrequited love.  Why is it that my male protagonist will not give in to my female?  What is wrong with him that he will not love her, although he obviously cares?

I had the idea of throwing in a ridiculous hot ex-girlfriend to complicate things.  That is fine and adds another layer of conflict but what about a hint of the supernatural?  I always did like fantasies the best anyway.  What if the superhot ex wasn’t even human but a Succubus?  What if the reason my male protagonist can’t get with my female protagonist is because he is spell-bound?

That sounds like a lot more fun to me.  So I’ve been doing some research on succubi and have come across a few different things.  Everyone agrees that they are female sex demons but there are differences of opinion about their motives.  I have read accounts that say a female succubus doesn’t eat so she feeds on male semen! Gross.  Then there are also a few things I’ve read that say a female succubus tricks a sleeping man into sex with her so she can collect his semen and give to her male counterpart the Incubus.   The Incubus then goes and impregnates a human female and that is how baby demons are born.  Disturbing.

While doing research I came across a confession by a man who claimed to have had several “realtionships” with female sex demons.  He goes into detail about what excellent lovers they are and how they are only out for sexual pleasure and not to steal your soul.  He describes how the succubus had sex with and even talked to him telepathically.

It was very strange and made me think this guy is insane or has an awesome imagination. Either way, I do appreciate the aide he gave me in writing certain scenes.


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