Love letter to Andrei

Trying to write a love scene can be particularly difficult if you’re doing it on a Sunday afternoon at home alone with absolutely no inspiration.  The tank is empty and I have nothing to draw from.  So I begin to read Cosmo to take my mind off of it. Luckily there are many helpful sex articles inside.  I read about G-spots and make a mental note that if my pelvis were a clock it is somewhere between 11:00 and 1:00.  Guess that is something I will think about later if I can get this scene finished.

I read about different fun things you can do “naked.” There are many suggestions which range from pilates to playing a game of naked Scrabble with your boyfriend.  I have always liked word games… I guess I’ll have to invest in a Scrabble board.  They also suggest body painting each other and having a nude wine tasting.  I have always wanted to paint on someone and roll around together ever since I saw it in this video once.  At any rate none of this was helping me and I didn’t want to resort to watching dirty video clips on a free adult site.  I just don’t think that is the kind of inspiration I need. It has to be a bit subtler.

There were plenty of pictures of ladies in my issue of Cosmo but not too many men so I tried to think of the most handsome rugged man on the planet.  I wanted to google him and have his picture to stare at as I write the scene.  The most attractive and perfect man whose beautiful body is only outdone but the gorgeousness of his handsome face, is of course former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski.  There aren’t any men I can think of in recent memory who make my heart thump faster just by viewing a picture of them. So Andrei the magnificent you have that distinguished title as well.

I don’t care that you lost to Feydor you are still reining champion of my fantasy world and I will be molding my main protagonist in your image.  With this image of your sweaty perfect body and rugged bearded face on my computer I will never have to look far for lusty inspirations.


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