GAM Show

I’ve been lazy about venturing downtown lately, preferring the comfort of a bar that is closer to home or either not leaving my house at all and drinking wine on my couch in front of the television!  However, the one thing that will definitely motivate me to make the trip is a good show. Either there hasn’t been a show I particularly wanted to see lately, or I didn’t know about it. 

GAM usually only graces the stage once per year on Halloween, at the Jinx, Savannah’s best live music venue.  The band is no longer actively making music together so it is a rare treat to see them on Halloween.  However, this past Saturday at the Jinx,  all the stars were aligned, and GAM performed to the delight of the packed bar.  And it was full! I got there an hour early and every place to sit was already taken.  I staked out a small piece of wall to lean on by the stage and there I stayed all night absorbing the spectacle.

There was an opening band Jewop, that was mildly entertaining, but not enough to distract me from my aching feet small. On any other night I would have probably liked them better, but I just wasn’t in the mood for songs about gonorrhea and babies in dumpsters or whatever nonsense they sang about.   But I guess anyone would have a hard time competing with a band that has been around for 10 years or more and seems to me to be one of the most popular bands in Savannah. 

My expectations for the show were high and when GAM finally came on I forgot about how hot it was or that I had been standing in the same spot for over an hour without being able to move.  I guess this is a sign that I’m getting older, because I likely wouldn’t have thought about things like “being comfortable” at a rock show ten years ago. I have to say that GAM thoroughly delivered as always.  Frontman Keith Kozel had so many costume changes I stopped counting after the third. 

To me he is the very definition of stage presence.  He dances, thrases around on stage in various outfits, with or without props, and frequently jumps down into the crowd to sing to the ladies. You can see that he really enjoys what he’s doing and that translates into an amazing performance.  It is amazing to me that the end of the show was just as good as the beginning.  I just don’t see how he can keep up that kind of energy for so long, sweating his balls off in  a bright red leotard worn over his pants!

You would have to dislike GAM’s music or the stage performance.  It’s almost impossible to stand still during “Speedfish.”  I found myself swaying and bobbing my head without even realizing I was doing it. The only downfall was the tremendous heat of a muggy summer’s night in Savannah, combined with all the writhing bodies packed into a small space. Thank God for the giant water tank.  I sweating so much I couldn’t even get properly buzzed and after awhile I just stopped trying.  Oh well. I needed to drive anyway.


Kitchen Hijinx

In an attempt to impress my honey with my fabulous cooking abilities, I did a practice dinner tonight.  I made cauliflower soup from scratch with some dirty rice, (yes the rice came out of a box) and chicken breasts sautéed with onions garlic olive oil and sage. Sounds fancy right? I went to the Food Network website and pilfered some recipes first. I spent a total of two hours in the kitchen, and by the end of it all I was covered in steaming cauliflower chunks; as was the wall, coffee maker and pretty much everything within shooting distance of my blender.

Things started off well, I managed to utilize three gas burners at once and nothing was burned.  The breasts were huge and I deglazed them like four times and put them in the oven to finish off, because I saw people do that in Hell’s Kitchen.  The rice was just simmering and I managed not to burn it.  It doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do you know, cooking rice, but I have turned my kitchen black with burning rice smoke on many an occasion.  I just forget about it!  Who wants to sit there and watch rice cooking anyway?

I suspected the chicken would be the worst mostly because I don’t have any idea what to do with it, but it turned out to be the best part.  I used two big bags of chopped cauliflower and let them simmer with the onions oil and shit ton of garlic I put in.  Once everything was soft and “floating apart” or whatever I knew it was time for the blender. Now I seemed to remember something about a warning and not putting hot ingredients in the blender?  But whatever, I was hungry!  I had been smelling this fabulous stuff cooking for an hour.

I guess I put one too many cauliflower heads in the blender.  I thought I put the lid on but something came up and singed my hand, so I pulled back. The top of the blender went flying off once I was no longer holding the lid and Voila!  Instant cauliflower shower.  Despite my set back and the fact that half the soup ended up my person, it was actually pretty good, if a bit chunky.  I was just afraid to try the blender again so it didn’t get nice and frothy smooth like it does when my MAN makes it!  I thought I should record this moment for posterity.  I ended up with a very large and well-rounded meal.  The only bad thing was that I didn’t have anyone to share it with!

Guess I should have plated it, then taken the picture..