Ancient Castles Plus Witches Research



This is a shot of Heidelberg Germany with the Heidelberg Schloss in the background.  I have never been there but I’m trying to write a scene that takes place in the Witches’ Tower or “Hexenturm,” that is located there.  My characters seem to think it would be a nice place to summon a demon. 

There are many gorgeous pictures of Heidelberg that just make me ache with the desire to be there, but surprisingly not many of the tower itself. Tourists aren’t exactly allowed to go in the tower, maybe because it is unsafe.  The pictures I have managed to find show it crumbling with large chunks of brick missing. Until I started researching the Hexenturm I had no idea how old Heidelberg really is. The history books I found at the Chatham County Library state that the Heidelberg Hexenturm dates back to Roman times.   There was also a 500,000 year old jawbone found in the city from the “Heidelberg man.”

Below is a picture of the Heidelberg Schloss at night, it’s 600 years old and lies along the Necktar River If that image doesn’t get the creative juices flowing then you must be dead. 

They have banquets, balls and dinners inside the castle as well as many year round festivals.  In the winter there is a gorgeous ice rink that is open from November to January inside the castle courtyard.  What an amazing Christmas present that would be! Let’s go skating inside a friggin castle in Germany!  Oh I think I would die right there; at the moment my skate touched the ice, in the courtyard of Heidelberg Castle.

 Anyways. Since I’ve never hardly been outside my backyard, much less the country, I will just have to make the best of library books and internet images.  It has been standing for 600 years already, it can wait a little while longer for me to get there.


2 thoughts on “Ancient Castles Plus Witches Research

  1. Wouldn’t it be great to visit?

    We could do a UK/German tour and claim the expense on our taxes as work-related.



  2. Suza Kates says:

    How gorgeous. I want in on that trip.


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