Advice For A Sobbing Girl

I know it hurts.

I saw you in the bathroom today at the Forsyth Park Cafe.  You were sitting on the sink with a red face and teary eyes blubbering to a stranger about your guy problems.  I was jogging and stopped in the middle for a quick bathroom break.  I tried not to listen to your conversation but it was kind of hard not too.  After all you were sitting on the sink right next to the soap.

I heard you say “Then they started kissing right in front of me!”  And I didn’t need to know the rest.  That one painful sentence told me everything.  Yes it’s silly to be so upset over one stupid guy and no he probably doesn’t deserve you anyway.  What he really doesn’t merit, is you spending time being so sad over him because he is definitely not concerned for your feelings.

I don’t want to sound harsh but men are mostly concerned  with seeing how many women they can get their tongues and dicks into;especially college age men.  Try to take things lightly and don’t form unrealistic expectations.  They don’t always care about feelings like we do, only immediate satisfaction.

Men can separate sex from emotion and most of us ladies cannot.  We don’t want shallow meaningless encounters but most younger guys only want that.  The good news is that in a few years they will all begin to mature and you will finally be able to find one that wants only you. 🙂

Of course if you don’t want to wait  you can always date a dude in his thirties.  I guarantee he feel very lucky to have you.