It feels strange to finally be done with a writing project.  Not that I am actually done, because I’m sure there will be more editing to do, but I’m going to go ahead and give myself a high five anyway. The revising part is not nearly as fun as the initial creating part, but the story is almost unrecognizable from what it started out as being.

I have been a writer for many years but everything except my newest project is just a half finished file on my computer.  I wrote 300 pages of a fantasy novel that I was going to call “The Daughter of Creation,” and then just stopped one day never to pick it back up.  I have a 50 page graphic novel script that has no pictures and countless unpublished short stories.

However, all this has changed now.  No more writing 3o or 50 pages of something, deciding I don’t like it and then starting something else.  I was loaned a very useful book on writing that warned me about doing this.  It said to only work on one project at once or you’ll never finish.  The book was completely right.  I also got some advice from a friend and local author Suza Kates, on planning, the importance of outlining and basically having a blueprint before I start writing.  This was not my style as I preferred to sit down and start typing. My method would maybe get me through the the first thirty pages at which point I would get stuck because I didn’t know where the story was going.

Now I am a changed woman! The 9th Dimension, my paranormal romance novel is coming soon from the very supportive and  understanding publisher ICASM Press.  I haven’t received a release date yet but I will be updating as soon as I know. Yipee!


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