Zoo Adventure

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in “The 9th Dimension” by entering my giveaway. And congratulations to my three winners! If you like it, why not tell a friend? If you don’t like the book, maybe don’t tell a friend? hahaha. I’m kidding.

Now please enjoy pictures from my Jacksonville Zoo trip.  Okay I’ve only been to the zoo a couple of times so I was easily impressed.   It took twenty minutes to drag my friend away from this monkey.  He was a bully and pestered the poor ant eater. We saw several more monkeys and apes but this one was by far the prettiest and his ass isn’t bald.

Nicole Kidman’s monkey from The Golden Compass 

Next we saw the majestic Zebraffe!  Okay he’s actually called an Okapi and I have no idea why he has zebra legs and a giraffe head. What I do know is that he has an extremely long gray tongue that he uses to lick his own ears. And I did see him do it!

I missed an entire section that included bears, wolves alligators etc.  But I didn’t miss the white rhino.  I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t actually white.  It’s ridiculous when you think about how old a rhino is and how long they’ve lived on this earth.  I read that the white rhino is thought to be descended from a species of rhino that lived 7 million years ago.

White rhinos chillin

I saw other things too but the African loop was by far my favorite.  There were also an Asian loop which consisted of a tiny hedge maze and a lame garden.  I was very disappointed that Asia was only represented by a komodo dragon which I did take a picture of but do not find worth showing here.


2 thoughts on “Zoo Adventure

  1. Robert says:

    I’m slowly getting my writing life back together and somehow missed you published a book! Holla! (as the young people say). Nice pics from the zoo, too. The last time my family and I went, it was 90+ degrees and we all nearly passed out.


  2. logangrey20 says:

    Well if you ever have something you’d like me to take a look at let me know!


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