When I’m not writing or shamelessly promoting my new book, “The 9th Dimension,” I like to bake.  I’m adept with pound cake, red velvet cupcakes and various cookies.  I haven’t tried my look with a brownie so far and there is a picture of my first attempt below.

My latest effort was a pan full of peanut butter brownies.  What better way to make your current romance novel a little sweeter?

For a limited time only, purchase a printed copy of my book or the ebook and I’ll mail you a free peanut butter chocolate brownie!  “The 9th Dimension” a story of passion, betrayal and domination that is just as sinfully delicious as this decadent dessert.Image

Okay, well I guess I’m not actually able to do that.  I’m sure they’d get ruined in the mail anyway.  They were absolutely as good as they look.  Just ask my boyfriend who is incidentally 5 lbs heavier this week than last week. haha.  The secret ingredient was kosher salt, just a pinch in the brownie mix and the peanut butter swirl.  The peanut butter swirl mix consister of peanut butter, kosher salt and confectioner’s sugar.

Baked Goods and Demon Love