Eris’ Insight

How do you kill something that is basically invincible?  Take the most powerful creature you can imagine and then multiply it by one hundred and that’s what I’m dealing with.  I know what Asmodean’s capable of, because he made me. I am having a little fun testing my abilities and I’ve found that my magic seems to be limitless.  So that means his must be as well.  Maybe if I can find my own weakness then I will know the secret to his undoing.

I’m currently occupied with hunting.  I tracked down two of those devil spawn and was able to dispose of them in their sleep.  They went to bed nestled inside their newly acquired host bodies, but they never awoke.  I snapped their necks with little effort.  Nikolas cringed as I did it, even though he could see the true form of the creature hiding inside the human child.  He’d tried to find some way of separating the two so that the child could be saved.  It was a very sweet, human-like sentiment.  But Nikolas isn’t exactly human, and I assured him that those kind of impulses would fade in time.

It would seem that fate or bad luck, has brought us together once again.  I died and went to hell.  He followed me there and helped me escape.  Nikolas was so inventive with his rescue.  It did take him two years to attempt the rescue, but I didn’t hold that against him.  He did witness my death after all.  He knew he couldn’t do it alone so he enlisted the help of his former lover, who incidentally murdered me, a powerful demon lord, and a drug addicted witch.  Together they were able to severe my bonds to the jinn Asmodean, the one who made me.  Of course everyone died in the process except for Nikolas and myself.

Oh and Asmodean, he is very much alive, just not here.  He is more than likely licking his wounds and planning his next move in the safety of the 9th Dimension.  I’m sure he has thought of a special kind of torment for me, the killer of his children.