A Spell is Broken


Her lovely face was transformed in her rage.  How could he have been with her for so long and not noticed these inhuman qualities?  She had fucking wings!  Nikolas had been sleeping with a monster of some kind and hadn’t realized it.  He’d even thought he loved her at one point.  Her left wing was badly injured and she couldn’t lift off the ground any longer.  It gave her opponent, a true thing of nightmares, the advantage.

There really was no contest.  The nephilim was larger, stronger and as fierce as Sanya could be, it was more.  What made the difference for Nikolas was the cold dead eyes.  The black depths held no passion of any kind.  It hadn’t shown fear when Sanya managed to wound it, nor anger.  A black liquid oozed from it’s wound thick like molasses, it had been the same color as the eyes.  The battle didn’t last long, but it was enough time for the rest of them to escape without being pursued. 

As the nephilim dealt the killing strike to his former lover, Nikolas couldn’t help but feel a pain in his chest.  Her misery was felt across the dimensions and the image of her desperate final attack seared into his brain.  It was the cause for his current unrest.  He couldn’t close his eyes without replaying the horrible scene, good thing he didn’t require much rest these days. 

And there was also his reluctant companion to think of.  He wondered if she were part psychic.  Every time Nikolas caught himself thinking of Sanya and her death, he found Eris intently staring at him. He could feel the weight of her eyes on him and the temperature in the room would always seem a bit warmer.  She had good reason to hate Sanya, her own death at the succubus’ hands being just as horrific.  Even after what she’d done to Eris, Nikolas still felt sorry for her.  He felt sorry for the human life she’d lost and it’s miserable abrupt end.