Dreaming of a Haunted Mansion

Creepy Mansion

Creepy Mansion

I woke up in a pool of my own sweat with my heart attempting to leap out of my chest twice last night. I still had the prayer on my lips I’d been saying in my sleep.  For some reason I always spout bible phrases when being chased by demons in my dreams.  But it isn’t merely the words; there is a process.  I have to form a cross shape with my two index fingers in front of my face and shout “get behind me Satan!”

I’m not sure where I got that one, but it’s my go to phrase when facing demons.  I think it’s something my mom told me as a child.  The other thing she told me to do to ward off bad dreams was to sleep with a bible under my pillow, but that can be quite uncomfortable. Usually when I say the magic words I wake up shortly after.  Once I rose up off the bed in my sleep shouting it into the empty air.  Creepy, I know.

Last night I had two separate haunted house dreams, which were a little too vivid in detail and I thought might be worth sharing.  In the first one I was living in a rambling mansion and still married to my ex-husband Eric.  I’m not sure if the constant demonic disturbances were worse than the still sharing a bed with him.  After a frantic nervous sex scene when went to sleep knowing that there wasn’t going to be much sleep. When were awoken by a barrage of different stimuli.  Evil laughter, slamming doors, and a very unfriendly cloud of formless black stuff floating near the bed.

In the second dream my living situation was infinitely preferable.  I was living with my good friend Jen in another haunted mansion.  It started off with things being merely annoying.  The house had a museum like quality in that different ghosts/demons were stationary and specific to different parts of the house almost as if they were on display. There was a chainsaw wielding maniac in the basement trapped in a maze.  The hallways were filled with ghostlike beings who appeared to be trapped inside the wood.  When you walked down the hall the wood disappeared to reveal a glass case with a ghost inside asking for your help. None of these things could be seen at night.

One night Jen was attempting to clean dishes and as soon as was finished a ghost or spirit took all the dishes and covered them with slime so they were immediately dirty again.  This sent my usually good-humored friend into a rage and she started screaming at the house in general.  For some reason she decided to go into the basement and confront chainsaw guy!  I begged her not to go downstairs and disturb him but she was insanely mad.  Once we descended the stairs the basement became a maze and crazy lights started flashing like they do in one of those Halloween haunted houses.  We herd the chainsaw start up before we saw him.

Jen lost her nerve all of a sudden and turned to run, only I couldn’t move.  I was frozen to the spot, which has always been a great fear of mine.  The maze was too narrow for her to go around me so she screamed behind me trying to urge me forward.  Finally I somehow broke my paralysis and we both ran through the house with the chainsaw ghost behind us.  We figured if we ran outside he wouldn’t be able to follow.  We were wrong.

We ran out into the street and noticed there was an invisible barrier and we could only move a few feet beyond the house.  The chainsaw ghost was wearing a plumber outfit and welding mask for some reason.  I formed my fingers into the cross and shouted at him.  He stopped for a second to pull the mask up so I could see his rotten face laughing at me.  He held the chainsaw up over his head… and then I woke up sweating.