Title Jail

Having finished my second effort two weeks ago, I am now mired in the editing process, which is to say I’m stuck and not moving forward.  I told myself that “title” didn’t matter as much and that it would come to me at some point over the course of writing the novel.  Well, here I am, 88,000 words later and still no working title.Of course it’s hard to think of anything with Magoo on my lap biting and clawing at my thighs.  

So I gently placed my mini Tazmanian devil on the bed, and looked at other blogs to see what advice I might get about how to come up with a title. I stumbled onto Rachelle Gardner, who is a literary agent with Books & Such. Her suggestion was to go to Amazon and look up other book titles in my genre to see what’s popular.  I have just finished looking through twenty pages of urban fantasy titles and most were supremely uninspiring.

I learned two things: #1 There about 1 million books with the word “blood” in the title.  #2 Most titles are only a single word, i. e. “thirst” “hunger” “devour etc.  To me that seems to show a complete lack of imagination and I feel much better about my working title, “Scarcity of Choice” after reading all of these.  I’m now going to take Rachelle Gardner’s other suggestion and break out my whiteboard to do some epic word association.  

Fellow writers should check out Rachelle’s blog: http://www.rachellegardner.com/.  There’s a lot of good content on here.