Acid Pussy – Indifference – Scene 4

It had been three days since she’d seen Michael and they hadn’t even spoken on the phone. He had called her but she ignored the phone. It helped to be back at work dealing cards, the monotony was soothing and she could pretend her entire world had not been turned on its head. Finally he made an appearance at Ceasar’s Casino. He swaggered in wearing a pair of dark jeans that were much too tight and hot for the triple digit heat, and plopped down at her blackjack table.   Michael smiled at a cute waitress who came up to ask if he needed a drink.

Ryan did not look at him and dealt cards to a married couple that were vacationing from Texas. They were both sporting cowboy hats and she had a tight shirt with a nice pair of fake tits as an accessory.

“What are you doing here?” She asked Michael without taking her eyes off the cards.

“We need to talk,” he said.

“Nothing to talk about.” The movement was imperceptible to Michael but Ryan had just flipped a switch under her table signaling security. Somewhere a light would go off and a man watching one of the thousand security cameras would alert the pit boss.

Michael was choosing his next words very carefully. It was too bad he didn’t get time to say them. Mr. Chernayek had responded to her call himself. Ryan didn’t need to turn around to know this because she could feel his commanding presence. The big Russian put one hand on her shoulder so she could feel the firmness in his sausage fingers.

“Do we have a problem?” She turned around to meet his eyes. They were cold and flat, his face expressionless.

“I would like this man removed from the table,” she indicated Michael with a nod of her head.

Mr. Chernayek made a hand motion.

Michael was standing there trying to process what was happening when two security guards put their hands under his armpits and hauled him out of the chair. It tumbled backwards behind him. His exit from the casino would be much less suave than the way he entered.

“What the fuck?” “Hey Ryan, what are these guys doing? You can’t just throw me out for nothing!”

She didn’t spare a glance in his direction but smiled at the couple sitting at her table.

“Sorry about that folks, why don’t we continue our game?”


Acid Pussy – Doctor- Scene 3

Scene: The Institute for Sexual Anomaly


Dr. Kurz was a renowned German Gynecologist who had experience with every STD ever imagined and many strange phenomena related to the act of sex. Ryan felt apprehensive about walking into The Institute for Sexual Anomaly because the very fact that she moved toward the building advertised that there was something very wrong with her.

After checking in at the front desk and looking around the room she felt more than a little embarrassed. A woman in a short skirt and a purple cheek that almost matched the color of her blouse sat filing her fingernails. Obviously a prostitute. That realization didn’t help lift Ryan’s morale. The only other person in the room was a handsome dark haired man in the far corner holding a magazine that he was not reading. Instead he was staring intently at her, well not at her face. She lifted a polished middle finger in his direction.

He looked up from her legs to her face and smiled.

“Ryan?” the nurse called and she was ushered to the back. Her anxiety made Ryan instantly forget about the creep and prozzy in the waiting room. At least Dr. Kurz was prompt. She might have lost her nerve if they’d kept her waiting too long.

Dr. Kurz came in the exam room about two minutes after she undressed. Her ass was front and center and feet firmly planted in the stirrups once again.   Dr. Kurz had a grandfartherly look and she was comforted by the fact that he wasn’t a young man. His bald head shone like he’d rubbed it with shoe polish. He had a sharp nose and a very precise mustache. The large black-rimmed glasses he wore seemed too big for his skinny face. “Vell,” he said finally.“I ave good news and bad news,” he said peeping up at her from between her knees.

“The bad news is that your doctor made the correct diagnosis. It is Black Syphyillis and there is no cure. But I am verking on that.”

“So what possible good news could there be then?” she asked

“De acid can be contained vith regular douching, using an aqueous solution I have mixed for you.” He gave her a conspiratory wink. What’s with this guy? He seems to be really enjoying this.            

Dr. Kurz presented her with a small water bottle filled with mysterious purple liquid. It was the color of grape Kool-Aid and smelled like antiseptic. Ryan didn’t think the stuff seemed like anything she should be putting down there. It looked as if it would set her crotch on fire and have her run screaming for the nearest bathroom. Dr. Kurz seemed proud of his product and presented it to her like a present.“This vill help neutralize de acid but it von’t eradicate it. This is something you’ll have to do for the rest of your life, every six hours and of course right before sex.   If you do not, vill be wery bad for you.” He held up his index finger for emphasis. “That is unless you are wearing these.” The doctor reached into a drawer behind him and pulled out a pair of weird blue panties. He held them up for her to inspect. He seemed especially proud of them for some reason. “This is something I’ve been working on that may help as vell.”

“What is it?”

The underwear was cut into a fashionable bikini shape and seemed to contain water. The liquid inside gave off it’s own light It was almost pretty in a strange way. Ryan accepted the undergarments and Dr. Kurz’s advice. She winced a little at the cool temperature of the panties.

“They vill warm quickly once you put them on. And they will help neutralize the acid in your body. It cannot pass through this underwear so you don’t need to worry while you’re wearing them. Just in case you don’t have time to use your other medicine, these are a quick fix.”

Ryan felt somewhat better after leaving Dr. Kurz’s office, he was a bit strange but also helpful.  He made a follow-up appointment for her so they could discuss how the treatment worked. He seemed to genuinely care about her. Unfortunately she hadn’t heard him when he warned her that she might experience some mood swings, or violent urges as side effects to her condition.


Acid Pussy – Confrontation – Scene 2

Scene: Ceasar’s Palace Spa Suite

Michael checked himself in the mirror and squirted a bit of gel into his palm. He was pleased with what he saw tonight. His hair had achieved that ‘not really trying at all,’ look. “Now all I need is a little motivation.” On the counter one of his many hand mirrors was laid out with a razor and a perfect line of white powder. He bent over and slowly inhaled making sure none was wasted. The shit was expensive after all. He felt an immediate erection growing in his pants. I’ll fuck her till she can’t walk straight!

Ryan wasn’t a pro and she wasn’t like one of the exotic Asian hookers who looked so dainty but always surprised you with their durability. With those Asian cunts you could never tell if they were moaning in pleasure or protesting your intrusion. It didn’t matter because either one was a turn on. There are some things I wouldn’t mind trying out on Ryan just for shits and giggles. Keiko, that crazy bitch, sure had known her stuff. Who would have known Japanese chicks were that bendable?

Keiko was responsible for his current fascination with coke. She had given him his first taste. He’d only done it because she said it would make sex better. She was right. It didn’t take long before Michael couldn’t separate the two things. He actually didn’t want sober sex anymore; it was boring.

He’d only been in town for one night and he was a little tired from the jet lag the first night. He hadn’t had his little pick me up because Ryan had been there. She had an idea of him as a modern day saint that a coke habit might spoil. He had given it to her good, but since she was still able to sit down afterward, he figured it hadn’t been good enough. He had big plans for tonight; he had to make up for that month long dry spell of hers.

“She won’t know what hit her.”


Scene: Back at Home (Ryan’s apartment)


Ryan woke from fitful sleep by the sound of a key turning in the lock. She’d given Michael a copy of the key to her apartment. She reluctantly raised her head and rubbed her temples as the memory started flooding in.

“Babe?” he called from the next room.

It was around 9:30 pm much too early for her to be in bed, but when she came home all Ryan wanted to do was sleep and shut out the world.

He was in the doorway to her room peering in at her. “Ryan? You okay?”

She took a deep breath preparing herself to ask the tough questions she already knew the answers too.   He looked a little nervous.

“We need to talk,” she said.

“Uh oh sounds serious.” He came over to her and tried to put his arm around her shoulders but she shrugged him off.

“It is. Look, I don’t want to fuck around with this. Did you sleep with another woman while you were away?” she asked. Her directness startled him; he was clearly not ready for that question. He looked more than just startled, he looked guilty. And why is his for-head sweating?

“Ryan you know I’d never hurt you,” he reached out for her hand.

She snatched it away from him. “You didn’t answer the question.”

“Of course I didn’t sleep with anyone!” His eyes strayed to the floor as he made the statement.

She noticed he was nervously tapping his right foot on the floor. “You’re lying. I can’t believe you’re lying right to my face!” Ryan felt her sadness give way to anger, which was a more manageable emotion. She wanted to shout and punch something at the same time. “I have the fucking Black Syphillis Michael, whatever that is, and you’re the only man I’ve slept with in two years!” Now the look on his face was fear, she was sure of it. The idea of catching an incurable illness terrified him.

“I went to Dr. Schmidt today and he told me I have an incurable STD that is not found in the United States. I’ve never been out of the country Michael and you just got back from Osaka. I wanted to give you the opportunity to be man enough to admit it.”

Michael had the look of a cornered animal desperately seeking escape. There was no way he could talk or charm his way out of this one. His silence confirmed his guilt and she decided the sight of him was making her physically ill. “Get out,” she ordered.

“Ryan, I love you,” he began. “I don’t’ know what I would do without you-“

“You should have thought of that before you screwed a Japanese hooker and gave me crotch rot!” She walked toward him ushering him through her small apartment toward the entrance. “Out,” she said with as much menace as she could force into the word.

“Ryan, we can work through this. I’m sorry.” It seemed he was near tears and she felt a small cramp in her stomach. Then she reminded herself of Dr. Schmidt’s words This man may be able to make you more comfortable, no cure. It made her angry all over again.

“I love you,” he said again almost in a whisper.

“You don’t even know what that words means,” she said slamming the door in his face. She walked to the bathroom to get a tissue and caught her reflection in the mirror. Her face was a mask of smeared mascara and pain. Her hair was a tangled mass of unkempt curls falling around her face. She looked like a modern day Medusa. She was embarrassed that he’d seen her this way.


Ryan’s attention was diverted from her misery to something wet on her foot. She looked down and discovered a green substance running through her toes. The crotch of her jeans was frayed leaving a giant dripping hole. Her underwear was eaten away and there was a green stain around the edges of her pants.

The card with that German doctors name on it came to mind. She went to look for her phone.

Acid Pussy – Scene 1

Ever heard of using sex as a weapon?  Ryan is going to take this phrase to an entirely new level.  Below I’ve included the first scene from my graphic novel in progress, “Acid Pussy.”  It was started nearly ten years ago but due to the fact that I can’t draw for shit, it remains a “work in progress.”


Acid Pussy Vegas

Scene: The office of Dr. Schmidt. Ryan’s feet are in metal stirrups and she is staring up at the ceiling counting tiles.

Dr. Schmidt is placed between her knees wearing a band around his head that has a small light attached. He is focused intently on her crotch. “Just relax,” he told her yet again. He had just inserted the speculum after squirting a big dollup of KY Jelly on the instrument.

“CLICK CLICK.” The speculum opened so wide she thought something was going to rip down there. As if I could relax while he is poking foreign objects inside of me and staring into my crotch.

“Holy shit!” she heard nurse Hilde swear. The second thing she heard was the distinct sound of metal hitting the floor. The nurse lost her grip on the instrument tray sending everything crashing down.

Ryan jerked up in shock and slid backward on the exam table causing Dr. Schmidt to lose his balance and almost fall off his little round stool. Once Dr. Schmidt recovered he gave Nurse Hilde a meaningful look. “Could we be a bit more professional, nurse?”

“What is it?” Ryan asked. She knew by their reactions it couldn’t be anything good.

Dr. Schmidt held up the speculum, or what was left of it, for Ryan to see.

She peered at it between her knees.

“This is serious,” he told her. It was obvious that he was trying hard to keep his face neutral. “Have you been traveling recently?”

“No, not at all.” Ryan didn’t know why he would ask that question and she didn’t like it.

“Well, has anyone you know been outside the country recently,” he continued.

“My boyfriend Michael just got back from Japan but… Why do you ask?” Ryan felt a cold lump begin to form inside her. It made her shiver. She was sure she didn’t want to be in Dr. Schmidt’s exam room anymore. Ryan knew that she absolutely didn’t want to hear his next words.

Dr. Schmidt sighed. “There isn’t a polite way to say this dear, so I’ve just got to say it. I think you’ve been infected with the Black Syphilis, it’s a rare strain not found in this country. But it is quite common in Asia.”

“Are you trying to tell me that Michael gave me a disease?” Her voice raised several octaves to a pitch that only dogs could hear.

The good doctor nodded sadly. He obviously didn’t enjoy giving bad news. “You may want to have a chat with one of my colleagues who’s specialty is this sort of problem. “ He handed Ryan a business card with a strange name written on the front that sounded German. Dr. Kurz, it said.

Dr. Schmidt stood up and removed the exam gloves he’d been using. The fingertips of the gloves were melted away. “I’m sorry to tell you there is no cure for this Ryan, but if anyone can help it’s that man,” he gestured to the card in her hand. He apologized again and wished her luck before exiting with Nurse Hilde. It was completely unbelievable. News of Michael’s infidelity was as shocking as the way it was revealed. Ryan felt numb with disbelief, as she got dressed. She was too surprised to cry. She could hear Dr. Schimdt discussing her with Nurse Hilde just outside the door.

 “The strangest thing about this disease is that the man most likely didn’t even know he had it. A man can be a carrier without actually being infected himself,” he told her.

“That’s rotten,” nurse Hilde replied.