Acid Pussy – Flacid – Scene 7

Voytek had been sitting in the same spot for nearly two hours with electrodes taped to his balls. He was nursing a vicious hangover and some nice bruises. He didn’t think those Ceasar’s goons had broken his ribs but it still hurt to take in a deep breath. Dr. Kurz monitored him to see if he had any reaction to the stimulus provided.   It was yet another pornographic movie, much like all the others that had failed to get a rise out of him. The only emotion the nude rutting bodies aroused in him was anger.

“Do we have to keep doing this?” He asked the empty room knowing that the doctor could hear him.

SCREEECH… The intercom came to life to give him an answer.

“Vell, I need to see if our new efforts have improved the situation.”

Over the course of his treatment the good doctor had tried some very innovative procedures including everything from erotic massage to a round of good old-fashioned ECT. Voytek had been willing to try anything once but after the electroshock he almost felt like Dr. Kurz was just trying to torture him. It seemed like everyone was out to get him lately.

 During the height of his popularity in Poland there had been no shortage of women wanting to fuck a soccer star. He wasted no time in getting to know every one of them intimately, and sometimes he would “get to know,” several at one time. What I wouldn’t give to get back to normal. That had been life in his early twenties, sports sex and money. Voytek lived a life that any man would envy right up until he had the accident. Poor judgement and a slick highway had been his downfall. Not to mention the girl, Amber. Compared to her he had been lucky. He didn’t remember the impact just the few seconds before as he sailed over the handlebars. Oh shit, I’m dead. He’d thought to himself at the time.

“I haven’t been able to get it up in three fucking years, what makes you think it’s going to work now!” This time the intercom remained silent.

 Of course the alcohol didn’t help his problem, and he had been warned. Sometimes Voytek felt he needed to drink for his own sanity. Something did happen to him recently that gave him more hope than anything the doctor had tried. He noticed her in the waiting room before his last appointment. She was pretty but not gorgeous. A pair of big green eyes emerged from a pale face framed by a mass of red waves. He’d definitely felt something stir when he looked at her. She had been wearing a leather skirt and ankle boots. He had an odd thought that her ass would look perfect on the back of his new bike. For some reason Voytek couldn’t get this idea out of his mind, and he had been staring at her legs without realizing it. She of course caught him and muttered something under her breath like “creep,” and gave him the finger.

 Voytek lost himself in the fantasy of this girl barely aware of the room around him and the images on the screen in front of him. He pictured his hands in her wild red mane, then pressing her against the nearest wall and pulling up that skirt. He closed his eyes and imagined how he would like to ravage her body. Was he just imagining it, or were his jeans a bit tighter?

 “Beeep beeeeep” went the monitor. Voytek’s eyes snapped open and he suddenly knew what he had to do.


Acid Pussy – Loser – Scene 6

 Some nights Voytek couldn’t lose, but tonight was not one of those nights. The roulette wheel was not his friend. Damn $700 in the hole so far and no end in sight.. He kept telling himself his luck had to change soon. Voytek decided to try a different game and moved from the wheel to a black jack table. The waitress he’d had before followed.

“Would you like another, sir?” She’d been giving him the eye all night. Or at least that was what his whiskey soaked brain told him.

“Actually, I’d like to change my order. Could you bring me a Warsaw?”

“Anything you want.” She shimmied over to the bar to get his drink. He watched her walk and wondered what she might look like naked. By the time she returned with the drink Voytek had already lost one round and decided the dealer was fucking him somehow. He gripped the glass and downed its contents in one huge gulp. It was much sweeter than the whiskey.

“Impressive,” said the dealer.

Was that sarcasm? Voytek had already decided he didn’t like the man’s greasy face and now he was being mocked. He remembered the last time he played at Ceasar’s and how the night had ended with him in cell. Voytek decided to let the insult slide. The next round ended in a draw and the dealer made no comment guessing correctly that Voytek wanted to continue.

He looked across the room to another table where a charming blonde woman was dealing cards and smiling. The people at her table seemed to be enjoying themselves. Why hadn’t he sat over there? All the chairs at her table were full. That girl is a much better view than this oily haired creep. The dealer’s lips were thin and seemed to run away from his nicotine-yellowed teeth when he smiled. The skin on his face was like the surface of the moon.

“Keep em coming,” Voytek instructed the curvy waitress as she passed by again. When the next drink arrived Voytek missed his mouth a little and a few dark drops landed onto his loosely buttoned up shirt.

The smirk on his dealers face didn’t go unnoticed.

Two more people sat down to play on the other side of the table. The other players were a man in a nice black suit chewing a cigar, and his lady. She wore a red cocktail dress that suctioned to her body like spandex. Voytek couldn’t help but notice how the material seemed thinner around her chest. The fabric struggled to keep those enormous mounds of flesh from tumbling out.

“Alright everyone lets see what you’ve got,” said the dealer.

“Whoopee!” The big tits blonde yelped with glee as she saw that she had the best hand. Her escort patted her hand and smiled.

The dealer gathered up everyone’s cards. He directed a fake look of sympathy at Voytek. “Guess it just isn’t your night, pal.”

“Don’t call me pal,” he growled. The menace in his Voytek’s voice caused everyone to stop and take notice. He began looking around for his waitress once again to order his fifth drink when a look from the oily dealer stopped her.

Without so much as a word she altered her course and asked the couple instead. What does this jackoff think he’s doing? She took the orders of the couple then left for the bar without looking at him. Voytek pounded his fist on the table, anger rising to dangerous levels within him. “The fuck are you doing dude!” he yelled and jabbed a finger in the middle of the dealers shrunken chest.

The man was no longer smiling but instead looked around the room for something. “Calm down pal, were just playing a game right?”

“I told you not to call me, pal.” Voytek reached forward and smacked the deck of cards from the dealer’s hand and cards went flying.

The dealer made a hand motion. Instantly two men in suits were barreling across the room coming straight for the table.

The dealer saw that his backup was on the way and his disgusting smile returned. “That was a mistake, pal.” He stared down his nose at Voytek and dared him to make a move.

The fucking prick is enjoying this shit! Without thinking Voytek balled his fist and prepared to deliver a punch to knock the dealers yellow teeth to the back of his throat. The reasonable side of Voytek, which didn’t surface often, told him to walk out before getting thrown out once again. “Fuck it.” Hairy knuckled fist connected with pale pocked face and the dealer’s legs went out from under him. He was no longer smiling.

Voytek didn’t get the chance to see what damage his punch had done because the two men had their arms around him. People stopped to stare as he was forced toward the exit. “What the hell are you looking at?” He assaulted the crowd of onlookers with insults as he struggled with the security.

“You’re outta here asshole!” one of them guard roared.

An enormous hand gripped the back of his neck. He was either being thrown out by two retired NFL linebackers, or a couple of mountains with legs. “This time you get a friendly escort outside, I don’t think you want to know what happens next time you fuck up in here.”

The giant let Voytek’s imagination figure out what that meant as he pushed him forward with one arm pinned behind his back. Ah shit, he’s gonna break my arm. He expected to hear a disgusting “pop” at any moment. The double doors of the casino opened to reveal the first morning rays of sun. The twin behemoth’s loosened their grip and shoved him so he fell forward and kissed the pavement with his chin.

“I better not see your ugly face in here again,” said a man with a square block for a head.