Coconut Coffee

It’s a great way to start your day and possible help those creative juices to flow?  Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides and due to the way it’s metabolized in the body can provide a day long energy boost.  Also, coconut flavored coffee is damn delicious!

French press rocks

French press rocks

First you’ll need to brew some coffee.  I would make enough for at least two cups because you’re going to to want more than one cup of this stuff!  I used my handy dandy french press because I’m a coffee snob and think it tastes better made this way.  See that light brown ring around the top?  That’s how you know it’s good.

Next grab your jar of coconut oil.  I’ve tried other brands but this one seems to taste the best.  I don’t mind paying the extra three dollars for it at Whole Foods.  This one jar will last for weeks.  Plus you can do so many things with it such as: cooking Thai food, rubbing it on your face as a moisturizer, or in your hair to tame frizz!

The key to having a good day!

The key to having a good day!

You want to be very careful about the amount of coconut oil used.  It is delicious but for the love of God don’t eat more than 2 tablespoons in one day unless your are purposefully trying to detox yourself.

Know your limits!

Know your limits!

I poured the coffee into a mug first to add my milk and sugar before pouring it into the blender.  In may case I use 2% organic milk and 2 packets of Stevia.  Blend for a few seconds and watch something magical happen!  You don’t even have to leave your kitchen or make polite conversation with a barista to get this frothy wonderful beverage.

There's a party in this mug.

There’s a party in this mug.

This drink is 100% guaranteed to improve your outlook on life.


Writing Prompt- Sent to Wrong Printer

Penny was a slim girl.  So slim that her figure might be described as “boyish.”  She had sharp edges and points instead of soft curves.  Other women at work looked at her sideways envying her ability to wear tiny pencil skirts and sit down in them comfortably.  She couldn’t say if this was the reason she never received a lunch invitation, but she thought it may have something to do with it.

“Do you have any children?” Amelia asked her on her first day at Divergent Printing.

Penny smiled and shook her head.

“Oh, well that explains it then.”  Amelia laughed and wiggled her ample rump back to her desk where she was surrounded by smiling pictures of her two toe-headed children.

Ever since that day Amelia made a point of giving Penny regular updates about her kids and the younger woman could do nothing but smile and nod pretending her interest.  Amelia frequently huddled together with other women in the breakroom passing their cell phones around and cooing over the newest pictures of their children  Penny realized none of them would be impressed by cute pics of her cat so didn’t join try to join the conversation.

Penny’s six month anniversary had come and gone earlier in the week and no one had said a word about it, not that she expected them too.  She was now feeling somewhat secure in her position having survived her probationary period despite the sometimes hostile and always strained work environment.  It was a slow Friday afternoon and she was watching the minutes change on her work computer as she’d finished all of her work by noon.

Out of boredom she googled some information about a sensitive procedure.  Her cubicle was surrounded on all sides by a partition so no one walking by could see what she was looking at. It wasn’t anything that should be viewed on a work computer, but she intended to clear her browsing history.

The procedure wasn’t medical, it was purely cosmetic. Penny wasn’t a vain person, she accepted the fact that her elbows looked as if they could slice bread and her hip bones were sharp enough to open a bottled beer. She was thirty years old and still shaped like an awkward tween.  She would never be shapely, she would never be soft and that was okay.  But the way she looked down there, was not okay. The enormity of her lady parts seemed all the more pronounced since her thighs were so slim.  There was just too much of everything.

Dr. Pettigrew had said it was perfectly normal and that women were different shapes.  She did also mention the word labiaectomy and had given Penny a brochure on the subject.  So this was how Penny found herself reading an article on cosmetic vaginal surgery at work.  She wanted to take her time reading the article but didn’t want anyone to catch it up on her computer.  At three o’clock on Friday most of the management team had already left for the day.  Hell, some of them didn’t even work Friday.  She quickly printed the six page document and closed out the tab.

Penny casually walked to the printer expecting to see her document halfway finished.  Strange.  It wasn’t there.  Not only that but the printer didn’t even have a “job” pending.  Fear gripped her as she soon realized her mistake.  She started speed walking back to her desk to pull up her printing history.  Her armpits and the bottoms of her feet were responding to the instant stress.  She rounded the corner and nearly smacked head first into Amelia.   The older woman smiled and her round cheeks reminded Penny of a hamster storing food pellets.

The six crisp pieces of paper she handed to Penny were still warm.