Post 4 – Kid Soup

My side piece, a fun SciFi escape!

The Trouble with Mars

Jessie and Michael have burst out of the Institute through a broken window, escaping from… well, they don’t know what they escaped from. But their troubles aren’t over – they are trapped in the Institute’s Tack Webb, which surrounds the building. You can read the previous post here

“They’ll be down here soon.” She looked above us at people in uniform standing in the broken window. MILLITS – what were they doing here? Were they the cause of all that screaming? Of the metal door buckling in on itself?

Kilgore must have run into them, but I didn’t see him now. Captured most likely. Too valuable to kill.

Jessie used a voice I had only heard come out of her in moments of high emotion. I couldn’t begin to explain it scientifically, but it had an implacable quality to it, one I couldn’t hear so much as I could…

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