I am a new author with one published novel under my belt and a second novel in progress.  My biggest issue is time management as I’m still in the stage of my career where I have to maintain the dreaded “day job” in order to support myself.  My genre of choice is Urban Fantasy but I also have a completed graphic novel script (which desperately needs illustrations), as well as 300 pages of a fantasy novel completed.


My very first publication was a short story entitled The Love Life and Times of Molly Mcgarrity, published in True Love Magazine in 2005.  I received a $100 check for this seven page story but since it was published under their “confessions” section they did not give me a byline.  I was torn between elation that someone had validated my writing ability by paying me, and also despair that my name was not attached!  To me, the byline was more important than the money.

In December of 2011 my first novel,The 9th Dimension, was published by ICASM Press. This was the first time I had to work under a deadline and it was difficult as I still had a full-time job.  I finally ended up quitting my job, cashing in my 401K and living off the money for two months so I could be at home and have time to finish the novel.  I’m now waiting for a magic fairy to come along and dump a sack of money in my lap so I can stay home and edit my second novel… but so far that hasn’t happened.


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