Girl Anthems

I think about writing something last week in reference to Valentines Day.  But on that particular day I wasn’t feeling too sentimental or romantic in the least.  In fact I was equal parts furious and sad the entire day. The delicious bakery truffles I received later in the day did help to calm the  tsunami inside me;but as soon as the chocolate melted in my mouth, the feelings came back.

The exact reason for my feelings on this day has nothing to do with the holiday and is a long story not worth consideration. All day long I tried to comfort myself with music. They were mostly raging girl anthems that I needed  to boost my spirits.  I have created a station on Pandora which I call “chick rock,” and it was a good place to start.

The first song I stumbled on that seemed to speak to me was this:

I liked it because she was saying, “you got me this time, but never again.”

Then a co-worker told me about this song which I’ve never heard before and now I have to listen to it once every single day.  It’s my secret guilty pleasure.  Not that this is my situation, or that I want to bust any windows. It’s kinda like the Hip Hop version of Carrie Underwoods “Before He Cheats.”  I’m just sad that she wasted all that nice wine.

This just makes me want to learn the guitar and form an all girl band.

I’m open to further suggestions of girl anthems or FU songs.