Acid Pussy – Revenge – Scene 5

It was hard to get to sleep that night even though it was late and her body ached from standing in the same spot in heels for too long. The image of Michael’s face as he was forced from her table by security, haunted her. A key turned in her lock and Ryan snapped awake. She’d never been a heavy sleeper.

She sat bolt upright in bed. Ryan didn’t recall reaching for the bat she kept in a corner by her bed, but suddenly it was in her hand. She mentally prepared herself to smash the skull of whoever entered the door. A thought occurred to her. A thief wouldn’t have her key. Boy Michael sure had some nerve just barging in like this in the middle of the night.

She laid back down and pretended to still be asleep. She had a sudden inspiration. Ryan reached for her special underwear she’d only been wearing for a few hours and flung them into a far corner. Their soft bluish glow was barely noticeable. She put the bat back in its corner.

A moment later his athletic frame filled the doorway of her bedroom. He did seem a lot thinner than when he’d left for Japan. An impulse to grab that bat again and smash his face made her hand twitch. Her new plan was much better. She nearly giggled out loud.

He walked over to touch her arm. The smell of beer and cigarettes assaulted her nose.
“Ryan, it’s me wake up,” he whispered.

Bet he’s been at a strip club stuffing dollars down some tramps g-string. She moaned lightly and pretended to wake from a peaceful sleep. She looked at him through heavy sleep laden lids. Ryan is wore a low cut tank top with no bra and Michael is did a poor job of not drooling over her breasts.
“What do you want?” she asked.
“I admit I made a mistake but there is no sense in throwing away everything we have.”
“I agree,” she said and reached out to him. Ryan parted her legs so he could her absence of underwear beneath her shorts. He hugged her hard enough to squeeze the breath out of her lungs and she placed his hand on her thigh giving him the sign that she is ready to really make up.

“I thought you know,” Michael had always been very articulate.
“I went to another doctor today and I’m all better now.”
“I just have to take some pills.” Ryan knew he would buy that. All he wanted to hear was that it was okay to stick his dick in her. Idiot!

Michael started to undo his pants but she had other ideas. Ryan held his face in both her hands.
“You’re so handsome,” she said. Not for much longer. I’ll take away your secret weapon, that achingly beautiful face that makes girls drop their panties.

Without much coercing she directed Michael to where he should place his face. He took the hint. Ryan’s body tensed a little. She didn’t really know how this would work. It seemed like a fine idea a moment ago… Michael’s mouth gave her attention eagerly and enthusiastically. Ryan lost her train of thought for a moment. He was very good at pleasing her this way.

She involuntarily flexed a muscle deep within her body, and took a deep breath. She had to stop him before something bad happened. It felt so good she couldn’t think. Her entire body tingled from the tips of her feet to the top of her head. She lost control and gave in to the delicious waves of pleasure.


Michael gets a taste of the all powerful AP!

Michael gets a taste of the all powerful AP!

“Agggghhhhh!” There was nothing but screaming. Michael jumped up from the bed clawing at his face. He ran to the bathroom making strange animal noises. Ryan went from rapture to panic in about two seconds. She grabbed her cell phone, beginning to cry as she dialed 911.

“What’s your emergency?” a woman asked.
“I-I need an ambulance!” she sobbed.