Slacking Off

I can’t believe I haven’t written anything for the blog in such a long time! I alwasy find it so ironic that writing is the activity that I enjoy most, but manage to spend the least amount of time doing. No wonder I’ve been so moody lately!  My New Years Resolution is to blog a least once per week and write something even if it’s just a paragraph of the new novel every day.

So what have I been with my time lately?  Well I haven’t really had much time since starting a new job in mid October.  My wok schedule has changed drastically and long hours make it difficult to write even when I do have the time.  I have recently been focusing on my research so that I can desribe things and situations as accurately as possible.  I took a lovely walk in Bonaventure Cemetery last Saturday and snapped about 40 pictures.  They should be very helpful for the gunfight that takes place there in my nove.  It was sunny and warm and not the least bit spooky.  However, I’m sure if I went there at full dark some of those eyeless angel statues wouldn’t look quite so angelic.

I received a Rosetta Stone for Christmas and I have been happily practicing German in my bedroom.  I would have thought the grammar section would have been harder but it turns out I really need to work on my pronunciation.  ACHTUNG!  And this after I’ve had 3 years of German classes in college.  I let my boyfriend try a few lessons just to make myself feel better and his pronunciations made me laugh until my face hurt.  I’ll have to think of a way to work my German into the new novel..