Integrity;someone has to have it!

Earlier last week in a desperate attempt to find a writing job, any writing job I viewed an ad for an editor position with a disgusting liberal magazine that I wouldn’t normally lay my hands on.  I am speaking of SKIRT! 

I used to wade through the vapid drivel of SKIRT! in order to get a feel of what they published.  It is extremely difficult to write something for them as they refuse to tell you what the upcoming theme is going to be prior to publication.  But basically if you have a slice of life story about something you did with your kids, or a sappy tearjerker about your grandmother they will most likely publish it.

I have never changed a diaper and I’m not married and that stuff is about 99.9% of the material in the magazine.  So basically I never bothered to submit to them since my stories wouldn’t be sappy enough to appeal to their very narrow focus group. 

The magazine has a stand in our cafeteria and since I am sometimes stuck at my desk I pick it up.  That was until I read the “bravo ” and “it’s a shame,” section one day.  There was a very derogatory comment about Sarah Palin in regards to her special needs child.  I was appalled.  Not that this crap rectangle trash that calls itself a magazine would say something derogatory about her, but that they would involve her child.  How disgusting.

I consider Sarah Palin an American hero.  She is one of the few women and people in general I can actually look up too.  If you’re going to criticize her or her policy that’s fine but leave her son out of it.  I put SKIRT! down and didn’t pick it up for a long time.

I saw the ad last week and thought that maybe I could just work for them collect a paycheck and keep my mouth shut.  When they talked by the coffee maker about what an awesome job Obama is doing and how great FREE HEALTHCARE is going to be, I could just refuse to acknowledge it.  I picked up the rag again today and skipped past the first few pages of ads.

The first story was something about traveling to China and I won’t mention the authors name for privacy purposes.  I always like to look at the bottom and see where else the author might have beenn published.  This was when I immediately threw this issue in the trash can. 

Under the authors listing of credentials she had “blog contributor to The Huffington Post.”  I nearly vomited inside my mouth. I’m not reading anything that supports writers who work for that ridiculous blog that acts like it’s a legitimate news source.  That blog is devoid of actual fact and promotes ignorance.  The fact that SKIRT! is promoting a person who writes for The Huffington Post speaks volumes to me.  I would rather remain on an island by myself unpublished and broke than give them one minute of my time or do anything to promote their success.


3 thoughts on “Integrity;someone has to have it!

  1. Zellie says:

    Journalistic integrity has become a unicorn in the industry. Pure fantasy. I try to get my news only from direct sources (like news about the war from the soldiers fighting it) because everything else is manipulative bullshit. There’s some serious corruption going on when major news sources aren’t accountable for their actions.

    Not only that, but they make everything personal. I’m an independent…there are a few policies of Palin’s that I agree with, others I disagree with. But just because I might disagree does not give me the right to tear apart her personal life as has been happening. When I was in PR my parents had Fox on and some BS reporter took an interview Palin had done and picked it apart piece by piece, second by second, muscle movement by muscle movement. ‘Oh she’s looking up here, that obviously means that she’s nervous and she doesn’t have a good relationship with her daughter’ …wtf…are we on psychic connection? Who cares if she looks up, or down, or sideways?


  2. Bake Burdette says:

    You know, you and I usually see eye to eye on things, but not this. I in 2 people have political differences normally. I think it’s something geographically, and so are the voting results. Apply to SKIRT. Now I’m very curious.


    • logangrey20 says:

      I think Georgia is mostly conservative. I mean I know that McCain won Georgia although I don’t know if I would consider him an actual conservative anymore. I think it’s strange that you guys have Arnold for a governor and even stranger that he is married to a Kennedy.

      What do you think they talk about in bed?


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